What is the Travelling Theatre Company?

The Travelling Theatre Company is a theatre training and performance company. We want children across the country to fall in love with theatre.


Through stories, activities, discussions, exercises, and roleplay, children are taught the language of theatre.


TTC is based out of Chennai but we will pack our suitcases and come to wherever you are!


We are experienced theatre professionals who love theatre and working with children. Meet the team, here.


Building self-confidence, ability to solve problems, improve creative thinking, to begin with. Click here to know more.


Theatre is a fun, exciting medium for a child to learn through doing.


Theatre training can give children the self-confidence they need to express themselves.


Dramatic effect on verbal and nonverbal communication as a result of theatre training.


Theatre encourages creative thinking. It is a perfect outlet for children to show their creative side.


Stepping into the shoes of different characters turns children into empathetic people.


Children can freely express themselves without fear of judgment.


Set children off on a path to self-discovery as children becomes aware of their minds and bodies.


An exciting, creative way for children to express themselves, makes it a fun activity for children.


Our specially curated theatre curriculum has a compilation of narratives, skits, and stories from across India and the world. There are three levels that offer short skill based modules.

Physical Theatre

Physical Theatre

Find out how to express creatively through action and gestures.

Voice & Speech

Voice & Speech

Learn how to use the voice effectively in public speaking and on stage.

Building Character

Building Character

Understand the process behind creating and performing a character.



Create puppets and learn how to control and use them.

Acting 101

Acting 101

Explore some commonly used tactics and strategies used in theatre acting.



Ensemble is a form of collaborative theatre where actors create a performance as a group.



In Improvisation, there is no script and no rehearsal but there is guaranteed spontaneity, creativity and fun.

Mime & Mask

Mime & Mask

Learn how to create Masks and how to use in them in performance.

Mime & Mask

Scene Building

Learn how to develop a story on stage.


for Actors

Learn how stories are told by a single character using body language, expression, gesture, and text.


Props and Stage Management

What goes behind equipping a stage for performance/ Learn how to use the elements of stage effectively.


Devised Theatre

Exploring how to create or 'devise' a play from a story, image, or real life incident.

Meet the team

We are cheerful, passionate theatre artists who love working with children. Our noses are always in a book, reading stories and plays. Our team of curious, fun-loving theatre professionals come from diverse backgrounds and also tell stories as part of the Book Lovers’ Program for Schools.

Naresh R
NARESH R Founder | Theatre Trainer

Naresh loves telling stories. He has performed on stage in Chennai and Bangalore and worked with reputed theatre groups in Chennai. He enjoys working with children and has conducted many workshops for them. He also loves boardgames.

Aaquib Jaleel
MERRIN ABRAHAM Theatre Trainer

Merrin is a theatre artist who believes that life is unfortunately unfair. Her love for Victorian literature and reading brought her to Chennai where she discovered that theatre and hoarding books are equally exciting. Besides drinking sugarless decoction shots and lazing in bed, she believes that all things have a purpose though the apocalypse is almost upon us.

Bhagirathy R
BHAGIRATHY S Theatre Trainer

Bhagirathy is a theatre artist and has acted in and directed English and Tamil plays. She has participated in the International Theatre Festival of Kerala, and The Hindu Theatre Festival, Chennai. She teaches theatre and is a renowned storyteller.

Gaurav Khemka
PRABHU MEJEL Theatre Trainer

Prabu Mejel loved to perform right from a very early age and he loves to impart the happiness and elation he gets through performances, to the kids. He’s also a storyteller and filmmaker.

Soumya L
SOUMYA L Theatre Trainer

Soumya is a Theatre facilitator, Dancer, Actor and Storyteller with over 8 years of experience working in creative education. She loves working with children and is always looking for new ways to make theatre more fun, educative and accessible to young people.


  • Ms.Keerthana, Class 6 teacher, Alpha School (CIT Nagar)
    “The workshop was excellent! The facilitator was full of energy and her enthusiasm rubbed off on our students. In the weeks after the workshop, we noticed that the participating students had become more expressive - outspoken, even.”
  • Manju Marlecha, Teacher, P.S. Senior Secondary School (Mylapore)
    “I realised that being an actor is quite a challenge and requires a deep alignment between mind and body at each moment. The different activities of our lives give us an opportunity to act, for example, listening to people and responding appropriately. Even parents have come forward to tell us that they have seen a visible change in their wards.”
  • Niranjan R.M., Student, Alpha School (CIT Nagar)
    “I learnt how to think independently and express my thoughts. I feel more confident. My listening skills and my memory have improved. It was a fantastic experience, I had an awesome time.”
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Contact Us

Naresh: 8122074418
Bhagirathy: 8122074419
Soumya: 8122074410
E-Mail: travellingtheatrecompany@gmail.com
Address: #9, Ground Floor, 4th Street, Venkateshwara Nagar, Adyar, Chennai-600020