Freelance Jobs

We work with storytellers, theatre artists, illustrators, writers, and sales consultants on a freelance/job basis. Please scroll down to the relevant section for more details.



We hire storytellers on a freelance basis on a day-job basis. You have to pass a test and read a bunch of books and be prepared for jobs. Once we release dates, freelancers who have passed their test with us can apply for the said job. Most of the jobs involve travel - so you must be prepared to travel. A typical day might involve about 5-6 periods of storytelling. The company will take care of your travel and stay. You will always be travelling with a company employee. Your pay will depend upon the points you have earned with us. You can earn points for books you've read and jobs you've completed. The pay starts at INR 750/day and goes upto INR 3000/day based on your points. To start storytelling with us, e-mail us at -


Theatre Artists

We hire theatre artists on a freelance basis for storytelling and for theatre training. For storytelling, see the section on storytelling. For theatre training, you need to have at least 3 years of training experience. E-mail your resume to



We hire illustrators for our MsMoochie range of books. We've worked with newcomers and experienced illustrators on our books and are open to all artists. We regularly have jobs for illustrators, so do e-mail us your portfolio to AND, both of whom manage the MsMoochie range of books. Typically we pay outright for artists who are working on smaller well defined projects and offer royalty to book illustrators. If you're looking to work with us, we are happy to tell you that we're very flexible.



Typically we encourage writers to join us for a 1 - 3 month internships or residency program and write with us. You could even choose to join as a storyteller for a year and write your book in the course of the year. But in case you don't want to do either, and have a manuscript ready, send it to Alternatively, join one of our writing workshops and explore topics we are interested in.


Sales Consultants

We work with sales consultants on a commission basis. If you are an existing consultant in any territory or have contact with schools where they are interested in BLPS and you can make the sale happen, then send an e-mail to right away!