We have a very small sales team that uses a coherent sales funneling strategy to maximise our reach within our means. We use creative means to increase our efficiency in the sales process. We're looking for inspired sales people who can work with us and take our reach from 50 schools to 500 schools in the next 5 years. If you love sales and if you love a good challenge for a good cause, then this job is for you. Listen to our co-founders Naresh and Amrutash talk about BLPS below and see if you fit the requirements.


What does the job involve?

You will be reaching out to hundreds of schools via e-mails and messages. You will be converting e-mail responses to calls, visits, demos and contracts. You will have to travel a lot. You will be maintaining relationships and carrying on conversations with hundreds of teachers and principals. You will be working with some very good colleagues from whom you'll learn a lot about strategic selling.


Who can apply?

We believe that sales is an inspiring profession. You must also believe in sales as a profession. You need to be passionate towards sales. You should also have a basic ability to sell. The ability to sell is an enviable skill, and we will be testing your sales ability in your interview. We prefer that you have some sales experience in the school sector.


Things you need to be awesome at this job

  • Love for Sales100%
  • Ability to Create and Maintain Relationships100%
  • Discipline65%
  • Storytelling skills40%

How much is the pay?

Anywhere between 4L to 7L PA depending on your abilities, work-ex, quality of application and interview performance.


How do I apply?

Send an e-mail to or with your resume. We will respond with a pre-interview test which you may fill and send back to us. Once you've cleared your pre-interview application, we will call you for an interview. There's no time to lose. Send us an e-mail right away!