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CHENNAI: On That Note | Girls Like You

‘Girls Like You' is a tribute to some of the best female vocalist of all time. Strength, grace and courage, these women have shown the world that they can do it all. From Nina Simone to Adele, we are covering them all. If you’re looking for something to do over the weekend, come celebrate these powerhouse vocalists with On That Note (the band).

On That Note is a monthly show where two artists (or more) come together to bring back to life, songs from across different genres and eras. We love our music and are really excited for our upcoming show, ‘Girls Like You’.

About the artists:

Nitika, a.k.a, Nits is a powerhouse of singer, dancer and a full-time goofball. She loves her music. Music taught her to laugh, cry, groove, love or to even just simply sit in silence and there is nothing better she loves than sharing that music with everyone else. When she is not singing, she is usually caught making a fool of herself. 

Troydon Netto, a.k.a Troy, is quite famous for giving women a complex about their hair. He plays the guitar, drums, keyboard and even beatboxes. He plays for multiple bands like Ryan and the undercovers, White Lady, Soulstreet etc, a rock and metal band. When he is not playing music, he can be found conditioning his hair.

Details: Sep 01 2018 07:00 PM - Sep 02 2018 07:00 PM at The Book Office - #9, 1st floor , 4th st. Venkateswara Nagar ,Adyar ,Chennai 600020

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