Help files

Please find the most frequently asked questions and their answers in the section below. If you need any further clarification, contact us (email/phone) and we'll be more than happy to answer your queries. Contact information available here.

How many titles does the library have?

The Library has 0 titles. We also add a large number of titles every month. If you have suggestions for titles you want us to add, scroll down to the question on 'request list'.

How do I find books?

  1. Search: The easiest way to find a book is to use the search option available on every page. There is a dropdown option on the left side of the search bar that allows you to change the type of search - title/author/genre.
  2. Serendipity: This feature will show a set of random titles each time you use the feature.
  3. New Arrivals: This feature shows the newest books that have been added to the catalogue.
  4. Genre: This feature shows you titles listed by genre and sub-genre.
  5. Special Lists: These are specially designed booklists from our curators, fellow readers, and lists compiled from popular lists.

What is "My Request List"?

If you can't find a book that you wish to read, then you may use this feature to let us know - we'll put it on our purchase list and buy it for you! Look up the book you want us to buy on, paste the URL of the book in the big friendly box in the My Request List section, and it gets automatically added to your Request List. We will be able to see your list as well. You may also email us with your request.

What is "My Bookmarks"?

This feature allows you to bookmark the books that you find interesting. To bookmark a book, hover on the image of the book cover and click the little bookmark image on the bottom left. To view your bookmarks, click on 'My Bookmarks' on the navigation menu. You may bookmark as many books as you want.

What is "My Queue"?

Your queue is the list of books you want us to send to you. Typically, you should add at least 6 books in your queue, then click on 'ask for delivery' and we'll look at your queue and send the top 2 available books. To add a book to the queue, hover on the image of the book cover and click the little plus icon towards the bottom right. To view your queue, use the 'My Queue' link in the navigation menu. Here, you can also re-order/remove the books in your queue. You may add as many books to your queue as you want.

What is "My History"?

These are the books that you have borrowed so far.

How do I borrow books?

Add books to your queue, and click on 'ask for delivery', then click on 'confirm delivery' - the queue will now get locked. We'll do the rest. But, you must be subscribed to a membership plan for a delivery.

How do I subscribe?

In the navigation menu, you will find a 'My Subscription' link. Click it and then clikc on 'buy subscription'. Choose your plan and your payment method. If you choose cash, then the cash pickup will be combined with the next delivery. That's all!

How many books can I read in a month and how many deliveries can I ask for per month?

You will receive 2 books at a time and can ask for as many deliveries as you wish to. When you have asked for a delivery, we give you 2 new books from your current queue and take back the 2 books delivered earlier. Your delivery will reach you as per your local delivery rules. Typically it reaches you within 2-3 days.

Are there any due dates or late fees?

There are no due dates or late fees. Please read at your leisure and ask for delivery when you are done reading.

What if the book gets damaged/lost when it's with me?

We trust you to be a book lover and book lovers keep books safer than diamonds! However, in case of any irreparable damage or loss of books takes place, we will charge you for the cost of replacing the book.